Conferenza Internazionale sul Turismo del Vino e Workshop 2012The following tour operators and travel agents will be attending the Conference, Exhibition and Workshop. New agents will be added to this list as they are confirmed so please keep checking back for updated information.

If you are already registered as a provider to attend the Workshop then agent profiles will be sent to you via email.

Tour Gourmet, Italy – FIT, Group &  MICE
Den Jyske Vinskole, Denmark – Group Leisure Travel
VinTour, Germany – FIT, Group &  MICE
Quotient TravelPlanner, Singapore – FIT
Raggiungere, Italy – FIT, Group &  MICE
Allways Marketing & Travel Services, India – FIT & Group Leisure Travel
Erni Vin & Vacances, Switzerland – FIT, Group &  MICE
Bottle Stop Tours, Virginia, USA – FIT & Group
Spender Travel, Denmark – FIT, Group &  MICE
DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. USA – FIT & Group
KonferensBolaget, Sweden – MICE
Terleski Designs Ltd, UK – MICE
Francotour, Russia – FIT, Group &  MICE
TenTours, Slovenia –  MICE
Grape Escapes, UK – FIT, Group &  MICE
Ambiente – k, Germany – FIT & Group
The Real Travel & Events Group, UK – MICE
Cuma Travel, Italy
County Travel, Sweden – Group
ArtTours, Germany
Iannazzi Enterprises, NY, USA – FIT & Group
Power Travel, Germany
Lombard Gate, Italy
Transeagle Vacations, Florida, USA – FIT, Group &  MICE
John Proctor Travel Brighton, UK – FIT, Group &  MICE
Classic Collection Holidays Limited, Worthing, UK – FIT & Group
CruiseOne, NJ, USA – FIT & Group
Travelquest Tours & Cruises, Philippines – FIT, Group &  MICE
Thomas Schilde Sport+Reisen, Germany
Sports Incentives Conventions International, Paris, France – FIT, Group &  MICE
French Wine Explorers, USA
Roux Wine Tours, LA, USA – FIT & Group
Holiday Trip, Colorado, USA – FIT & Group
Far Eastern Travel International, NY, USA
Reisetraum Reisebüro, Germany
Voyage World, India – FIT
Ulrich Heinrich Travel Agent, Germany
Brouzje | Champagne, Netherlands – FIT, Group &  MICE
Vivian V Russell Travel , USA