Deliver Great Guest Experiences through Design and Data

  • 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Saturnia
  • Research

Deliver Great Guest Experiences through Design and Data

Many Napa Valley and U.S. wineries have built substantial direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses. The most successful are founded on strong wine clubs driven by carefully choreographed guest experiences in their tasting rooms. Recently the WISE Academy has completed more than 5,000 thousand mystery shops at winery tasting rooms around the world. Based on our findings, we have helped codify and deliver many winery DTC and tasting room best practices that drive more sales (for wine sales, new wine club member sign-ups and contact data capture) while also raising the bar for guest satisfaction. This session will cover three core (theoretical and practical) tenants to winery DTC success:

1. Effective Guest Experience Design – Taking the guess work out of delivering a great guest experience begins with defining the desired results and then choreographing the experience from each stakeholder perspective (customer, staff and winery).

2. Standards Based Execution – Great design isn’t enough. Ensuring that your team has the skills, confidence and motivation to deliver on the desired guest experience is critical to winery DTC mastery.

3. Measuring the Metrics that Matter – Success in DTC is a mixture of art and science. Understanding how to measure fuzzy stuff (qualitative data like customer happiness) as well as hard stuff (quantitative data like financial metric) provides a holistic scorecard to help track, manage and improve your DTC success.