The 7th Annual International Wine Tourism Conference will be held in the beautiful city of Reims, La Champagne, France 8 -9 April 2015.
Two days with over 30 talks, presentations, panel discussions and workshops combined with opportunities to taste world class wines makes this an experience not to be missed. Wine Tourism Workshop 10 April.

Conference News

Provisional list of IWINETC 2015 Talks Revealed

Details, albeit provisional of the conference schedule and range of talks have just been revealed by the IWINETC Team. IWINETC brings together participants from all over the wine world in order to benefit from world-class insightful education content, establish profitable business connections, participate in effective networking opportunities and a thorough … Continue reading

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in La Champagne

Champagne’s location in the heart of Europe and  its proximity to Paris made it possible for the province to witness the crucial moments of world’s history. Events of utmost importance echo around the halls and corridors of magnificent churches and palaces scattered around the region. Five of these monuments have … Continue reading

Discover Champagne’s Cuisine du Terroir at IWINETC

Love of exceptional wine, so common for the French, can only be rivaled by their passion for fine eating. In case of Champagne, usually associated with the famous bubbly beverage, the daily eating habits of the locals might seem quite striking if not surprising. The same weather conditions that had … Continue reading

Champagne Routes of the Marne

When you think about Champagne you usually imagine a glass filled with pleasantly chilled effervescent. Giving it more thought you might connect the region with rich history, Romanesque chateaux and charming villages but you’d never imagine that Champagne can offer such an ample range of options to explore this land … Continue reading

So How is Champagne Made Exactly?

For many champagne is connected with popping a bottle on December 31st. It’s a celebratory drink which has made appearances at coronations of kings and launching of ships and nowadays also at sporting events where bubbly spraying accompany victories. But what exactly is champagne other than a delicious effervescent? For … Continue reading

Introducing La Champagne

Champagne will surprise you. Not only with the amazing geographical location, rich history, trademark sparkling and still wines but also with the magical atmosphere, abundance of unexpected wildlife and an interesting array of attractions that is kept up its sleeve. The region is located in north-eastern France near the upper … Continue reading

Dates for IWINETC 2015 La Champagne, France set!

IWINETC is the leading global annual event for the wine and culinary travel industry. The 7th edition of the event will take place in La Champagne, France 8 – 9 April 2015. The event expects to gather over 300 wine and culinary tourism professionals for two days of focused business opportunities … Continue reading

IWINETC 2014 winds up with a visit to Tbilisi. Madloba Georgia!

IWINETC 2014  officially came to a close on 2 April 2014 after eight busy days of business, insights, touring, networking and a buzzing 2 day conference & exhibition. With many delegates back in Tbilisi it was appropriate to tour Georgia’s capital and discover some of it’s highlights. Bodbe Monastery Complex … Continue reading