Allison Markin

Allison Markin has nearly twenty years of experience in communications, having worked in the worlds of marketing, media relations, crisis communications and writing. She is an early adopter of social media and brings her years of skills in traditional media to the new frontier of online engagement marketing through her company, All She Wrote, focusing on digital strategies and product development in wine tourism. She is a strategic thinker and storyteller, an avid community volunteer, loves to teach and tell the story of how All She Wrote began with a single tweet: "Will work for wine."

Allison delivered a talk at IWINETC with co-presenter Beth McMahon titled:

Marketing a Cool Climate Country>>

Unfortunately, the speaker notes have been lost  enroute to the cool climate country of Canada. The video shown during the talk is however, safe on YouTube so click on the above link to view the video.

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