Beth McMahon

Beth McMahon: After ten years heading up organic agricultural organizations, Beth McMahon exchanged her pitchfork for a wine glass and joined the Canadian Vintners Association in 2013. In her role as Vice-President, Government and Public Affairs, she has a diverse range of responsibilities—from regulatory issues to social responsibility advancement to grant writing and project management. Beth was the lead in developing the new Canadian Wine Industry International Trade Strategy (2014), and is the coordinator for the current domestic branding and market strategy process. She lives in Ottawa with her husband and two daughters.

Beth delivered a talk at IWINETC 2015 with co-presenter Allison Markin tilted:

Marketing a Cool Climate Country>>

Unfortunately, the speaker notes have been lost  enroute to the cool climate country of Canada. The video shown during the talk is however, safe on YouTube so click on the above link to view the video.

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