Charles Metcalfe

Charles Metcalfe is one of the best-known, most spontaneous and amusing wine critics in Britain. He spent 12 years as one of the Richard-and-Judy team on the TV programme, ‘This Morning’, and has presented many TV programmes on wine and food. He is co-founder and co-chairman of the International WINE Challenge, the world’s best wine competition, held annually in London.

You can read Charles sporadically in ‘Decanter’, ‘Food & Travel’, ‘World of Fine Wine’, ‘Wine – Essência do Vinho’, and the ‘Telegraph’ newspaper. ‘The Wine & Food Lover’ Guide to Portugal’, which he wrote jointly with his wife, Kathryn McWhirter, won the 2008 Louis Roederer International Wine Book Award. Other successful books include ‘The Wines of Spain & Portugal’ (1988), which won the 1989 Glenfiddich Drinks Book of the Year Award, and the ‘Sainsbury’s

Speaker Notes

2011 IWINETC - Oporto

Wine Tourism - A Solution to Europe's Wine Lake?

Europe produces more wine than it can drink or sell. Despite the EU-sponsored programme of vineyard removal, Europe's wine producers seem to have lobbied effectively to tone down Mariann Fischer-Boel's wine reforms. Does wine tourism offer a way to attract more people to buy more wine, and more expensive wine? What is the best way to go about this?

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