Gail Thornton

Gail Thornton, Program Director @ Southbridge Wine Programs

For more than a decade Gail has organized high-level wine focused program visits to Chile among other countries in South America. From 2007 to 2012, Gail worked to promote Chile’s wine tourism industry via Wines of Chile (WoC), Chile’s wine industry promotion agency committed to promoting the quality and image of Chilean wine throughout the world. Among other initiatives at WoC, Gail launched WoC’s Wine Tourism Program, helped organize the inaugural Workshop for Wine Tourism in Chile, the World Carmenere Competition in 2009, and the 2010 World’s Best Sommelier Competition in Santiago in addition to organizing visits to Chile for opinion leaders, specialized press, sommelier groups and wine buyers.

Gail has recently joined forces with Santiago based The Southbridge Group to launch Southbridge Wine Programs, which focuses on providing exclusive wine visits to Chile and other South American wine making countries for wine enthusiasts from all over the world. This will be Gail’s second presentation at the International Wine Tourism Conference.

Gail delivered a talk is titled:

Wine Tourism in Chile – A Growing Opportunity>>

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