George Samanishvili

George Samanishvili is a Chairman at National Wine Agency / under the ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. Born on January 2, 1977. In 1999 he graduated from the University of Burgundy, Institute of Vine and Wine, granted the National Diploma in Enology (Diplome National d’OEnologue). In 1999 he continued his studies in France - Bordeaux University Law Faculty of “Vine Viticulture Management, Economics and Law Master of Science program, where he achieved Master's degree. Worked as a Winemaker in France, Burgundy, Provence, Alsace regions. He worked on the project named “Georgian brandy” In the Charente region of the city of Cognac, based on international and national law. Wine expert,  Founder and member of the " Young Winemakers Union" and "Wine Club", the member of national and international tasting competitions Party, holds Wine and Spirits Education Trust (Advanced) certificate, Reading lectures, wine courses, wine-tastings, grape-growing regions of the world wine industry topics. Is head lecturer of “TSINANDALI WINE SCHOOL”.

2001-2007 he worked at the French group Pernod Ricard-'s "Georgian Wine and Spirits Company" in quality assurance department as a head of the main wine-making positions. 2008-2009 he worked at the “Department of Vine and Wine” - “NWA" deputy chairman, 2009-2010, he was the Executive Director of the company - "Tiflis Cellar.

George delivered a talk at IWINETC 2015 titled:

Georgia Cradle of Wine>>


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