Giorgi Sigua

Giorgi's path to becoming the Head at Georgian National Tourism Administration, Tbilisi, Georgia in 2013 began at the Microeconomics and Management Faculty, Tbilisi, Georgia with a BBA in International Economics and Business Management. Since then he has worked in media as Correspondent at "Morning newspaper" , Tbilisi, Georgia
and a Correspondent at “The first Georgian television channel “, Tbilisi, Georgia. He has also occupied various positions in the private sector in Belgium, Spain, UK and Ukraine. In 2007 Giorgi was involved in the mManagement of 5 Star Luxury Hotels LHSM- Luxury Hotels and Spa Management (Switzerland) -and Resorts and most recently has was a representative of the political coalition "Georgian Dream", United States.

Giorgi opened the 6th International Wine Tourism Conference with a plenary session titled:

Georgia - Cradle of Wine

Welcome to Georgia!

Nothing tells you more about the spirit and culture of a country than its native food and wine. And Georgia’s food and wine is amongst the best in the world.

It may surprise you to know that Georgia has the oldest continuous unbroken tradition of wine making in the world, stretching back over 8,000 years and today, there are more than 500 indigenous grape varieties still cultivated here. A quick look at its geographical position and its landscape shows you why it is the perfect place to grow grapes. A visit to Georgia is a true feast – let us show you how to eat and drink your way around Georgia.

In my talk I will make reference to Georgia as tourism destination,  8000 vintages, 500 + grape varieties, Past and Present of Georgian Wine, Georgian Wine Tourism: traditions and modernity in a perfect mix.

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