Laurence Cogan

After 15 years of international career that has led her to work in international marketing and international recruitment in Europe and Asia, Laurence made the choice to return to Burgundy in 2001. She co-developed two companies, a wine store coupled with a wholesale business in Dublin, then a guide and online magazine about Burgundy. At the same time, she was teaching marketing at ESC Dijon. After 6 years in the marketing department, she has recently joined the School of Wine and Spirits Business where she teaches wine-tourism and culinary tourism. Her expertise relates more particularly to the marketing of wine, and the situation of wine-tourism in Burgundy and in Beaujolais. Trilingual, she has graduated from ESCP Europe and holds an MSC in in International Business and a Diplomkauffrau.

Laurence delivered a talk titled:

How Can Wine Tourism Reinforce The Attractiveness Of Jura

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