Philippe Harant

Philippe Harant is the director of The Marne Tourism Board and has been since 2008. A Graduated of the Paris Institute of Politics and of Sciences Com, he started working for an NGO involved in Public health. In 1999 he joined the Marne Tourism Board as a manager of a 5 year marketing strategic plan. As the director of the Marne Tourism Board he launched and managed the coordination of Champagne tourism and wine institutions in ordrer to have Champagne vineyards rewarded with the national wine tourism label "Vignobles et découvertes". The result was 450 wine tourism professionnals won awards.
He also coordinates the involvment of Champagne tourism and wine institutions in the national wine tourism cluster of Atout France and is also the representative of the Champagne Vineyard in the National Council of Winetourism Philippe is a member of the board of the national federation of department tourism boards. Since 2014, he is the treasurer of Itervitis France. Itervitis France is the French association representative of the European Cultural Itinerary "Itervitis" which aims at promoting both wine and culture.

Philippe delivered a talk at IWINETC 2015 titled:

Iter Vitis, The European & Cultural Brand Of Wine Tourism>> 

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