Vasco Santos

I have a degree in Hospitality from the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar de Peniche) since 2010. I am a certified trainer by IEFP. I have a Masters in Marketing and Tourism Promotion since 2012 from the same institution. I am currently attending the 3rd year PhD in Business Administration - in Marketing and specializing in Tourism- Consumer Behaviour, at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto. I began my professional activity at Eng. Acácio Calazans Duarte High school in Marinha Grande, as a teacher in professional courses related to hospitality during the academic year 2010/2011 until 2012/2013. In the academic year 2011/2012, I also joined the Professional School of Nazaré, as a teacher, teaching the subjects of Food Technology, Marketing and Tourism until present, where I also coordinate Hospitality and Event Management courses. Since 2012, I am also a teacher at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria teaching Food and Beverage Management and Supply Management subjects in the Hotel Management course.

Vasco will be delivering a talk titled:

Helping Wine Tourism Providers & Institutions Meet Wine Tourist Expectations

This talk examines quantitative and qualitative research data collected from wine tourists in Portugal’s  Douro wine region in the first quarter of 2015 with the aim of discovering if wine tourist  choices are based one some key factors and attributes that need to be meet by wine tourism experience providers from Porto to Pinhao. Results and Conclusions will be presented. Towards the end of the session I will offer a list of do and don’ts for both tourism boards and for individual wine tourism experience providers to consider in their respective destinations.


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