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Armenia: Your Next Wine Tourism Destination

Join Lilith on a captivating journey through the rapidly growing wine industry of Armenia, where premier wines consistently garner international awards and acclaim. Uncover the secrets of Armenia's five main winemaking regions, each boasting a combination of auspicious terroir, breathtaking landscapes, and a wealth of large and boutique wineries with immense potential for wine tourism. Delve into the historical roots of Armenian viticulture, where grape cultivation and wine production have been integral to the culture since ancient times. Despite a historical legacy of growing over 400 grape varieties, today, approximately 30 are commercially cultivated for wine and brandy production. Discover how the exceptional quality of Armenian wines is shaped by microclimates, volcanic soil, and high altitudes derived from the country's mountainous terrain, resulting in a unique assortment of grape varieties and an unparalleled taste experience. Join Lilith as we unveil Armenia as your next wine tourism destination, where the convergence of tradition and innovation produces wines of unparalleled character and flavor.

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03:50 pm - 04:00 pm
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