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Wines of Bulgaria Grand Tasting

Led by Nikoleta Dikova, a Bulgarian-born, Italy-based wine educator pursuing her Master of Wine qualification, and Dimitar Dimov, a renowned Bulgarian oenologist and international wine consultant and judge, this tasting promises a comprehensive exploration of Bulgaria's current wine scene. We'll delve into the country's key styles, with a spotlight on unique native grapes. The experience starts with a classic sparkling wine and progresses through distinctive local white and red varieties. We'll conclude with a dessert wine made from Mavrud, Bulgaria's flagship red grape. Prepare to be captivated by Vrachanski Misket, a fragrant variety beloved in Bulgaria and the Balkans anda crisp Rosé from the local grape Rubin. We'll also explore the elegant and light-bodied Gamza, the emblematic Danubian grape also known as Kadarka in neighboring countries. For those who adore rich, complex reds with aging potential, there's Mavrud. This ancient grape boasts a Thracian heritage. We'll delve into wines from the Melnik region, known for its endemic Shiroka Melniska Loza grape. Nestled in Bulgaria's sunniest corner with a near-Mediterranean climate, Melnik boasts breathtaking beauty, ancient winemaking traditions, and the birthplace of Spartacus.

Beyond the wines themselves, the tasting will explore the remarkable wine tourism potential of the represented regions. These areas possess all the makings of captivating destinations, waiting to be discovered by adventurous wine lovers.

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04:00 pm - 05:30 pm
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