Press Accreditation – Czechia 2025

Traditional and new media journalists are welcome to attend the 2 day conference but only those meeting our accreditation guidlines will be eligble to attend. Limited number of places!

Accreditation Guidelines

The following will be accredited:

1. All foreign and local media representatives able to supply evidence of their affiliations to the press, e.g. by means of a press card from the respective country, credit printed in a newspaper or magazine. Members of recognised organisations of foreign press representatives.

2. Journalists

  • who can supply proof of an editorial assignment (original letterhead, not a copy)or
  • who can provide recent documentation naming them, as proof thereof;
  • who can submit an imprint which includes their names
  • who can submit  royalty agreements/accounts providing evidence of their journalistic activities.

3. Persons who can provide evidence of an editorial assignment from a state office or an institution, or who are acting as press spokespersons of companies represented at the conference and/or exhibition.

The following will not be accredited:

  • Persons who in this context cannot supply any form of legitimate identification.
  • Persons with company or organisation press cards but without an editorial assignment.
  • Persons whose press cards have expired.
  • Persons whose editorial assignments have been issued by other, free-lance journalists; this applies in particular to relatives and spouses.

Due to the general accessibility of the Internet and the difficulty in establishing the source of their articles etc., members of Internet editorial offices will only be accredited on presentation of a recognised press card.

Press applications should be sent to outlining the media represented and a statement of how and when the event or part of the event will be featured.

Successful applicants will be treated to coffee breaks, lunches and access to wine tastings.


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