Speaker’s Guidelines – Czechia 2025

The annual International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop is one of the key events in the global wine and culinary tourism calendar. The international nature of the conference provides a unique opportunity for all new and established wine and travel industry professionals to submit proposals for inclusion in a programme which reflects the diversity and variety of the industry. The conference also provides extensive opportunities for delegates to network professionally, whether formally as part of the conference programme, informally at one of the many After Conference wine tastings and of course on the many pre and post conference wine tours, or online.

Please note that in direct response to delegate feedback from the annual conference in both Croatia and Italy, there are a number of changes for 2014 to the formats and length of sessions. The Speaker Proposal Information, Speaker Proposal Criteria and Speaker Proposal Guidelines have all been substantially updated and revised to reflect this. This means that, even if you are an experienced presenter at the annual international conference, you need to read all the information, criteria and guidelines carefully before going online to submit your proposal.

The quality and number of proposals submitted for selection to the conference programme increases every year. Feedback from delegates informs the current guidelines and the criteria for selecting proposals. The selection of proposals is made by the Proposals Committee. This follows a policy of inclusivity and aims to ensure that the conference programme includes a balanced representation of:

• first-time and established presenters
• wine and culinary tourism topics and professional concerns
• geographical regions and countries
• different professional associations and organisations
• research and research in progress.

If you are thinking about presenting at IWINETC then please read the pdf Speaker Proposal Information, Speaker Proposal Criteria and Speaker Proposal Guidelines first before submitting a proposal

Speaker proposals must be submitted online at https://www.iwinetc.com/2014georgia/call-for-papers/

The deadline for submitting a speaker proposal is Thursday 31 October 2013

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