David Mora

Keynote Speaker

Coordinator of the master's degree in Gastronomy Tourism, Basque Culinary Center: David Mora has been chosen for three years (20/21/22) as one of the "Top 150 most influencing professionals in Spain's tourism". He started his career in the T&T industry in 1995. Since then, he had the chance to work on different activities such as destination marketing, hotel management, consulting, and UG and PG education. He holds a Diploma in Tourism by Universidad de Deusto (Spain), B.A. in Tourism by Universidad Nebrija (Spain) and a master's degree in Tourism Management by Bournemouth University (UK). He has managed several post-graduate studies in Tourism at different colleges and business schools. He currently is the coordinator of the master's degree in Food Tourism at Basque Culinary Center (San Sebastián, Spain). He has been involved in food and wine tourism-related projects since 2004 and recently had the chance to visit Japan to take part on World Gastronomy Tourism Forum.

David delivered the following talk at IWINETC 2023:

Designing Experiential Wine & Culinary Tourism Products that WOW>>


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