Lilith Sarafyan

Industry expert

Majoring in art history and being enthusiastic traveler, Lilith combined these two of her passions and started career in tourism 12 years ago. She co-operates in the inbound tourism department of one of the oldest and major travel companies in Armenia, GoArmenia powered by Visa Concord. Having an opportunity and platform to invest in developing tourism in Armenia with her personal touch, Lilith incorporated her love of wine and its industry to travel section in Armenia, and with the help of GoArmenia, Visa Concord invested in the development of Wine tourism in the country, becoming a wine tourism expert. Lilith is a regular attendee of many travel events all around the world representing the big and small wineries, wine producers of Armenia. She along with her team work to bring attention to the reputation and competitiveness of country’s winemaking and its unique centuries old traditions. Main goal being to promote Armenia's attractiveness as a travel destination and winemaking country.

Lilith was part of a round table discussion at IWINETC titled:

Round Table: Marketing the Business Brand of a Wine Route

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