Manuel de Novaes Cabral

Speaker Notes

2011 IWINETC - Oporto

The dynamics between urban and rural wine territories: a competitive advantage

The vine and wine are factors that highlight and promote territories. In the rural territories that happens in an obvious way, considering the particular planning linked to its singularity. This is not, though, enough to follow the necessities and interests of contemporary forms of tourism. It does not offer tourists everything he looks for. This fact demands the establishment of new alliances in the territories, between the different agents related to its management and tourism in general. It also requires a dynamic interaction with the urban areas in its whereabouts, as these areas allow another type of tourism which can complete the offer in rural areas. It is necessary a reflection on the services offered by rural areas, maximizing these interactions, with the goal to retain the interest and attention of tourists, making them stay in a wider regional area, allowing more benefits for everybody involved.

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