Melba Allen

Melba ALLEN - Leaving the USA for Europe after her studies at the University of Houston, Melba falls in love with the wine and food culture in France and decides to stay. She obtains a diploma from the well-known "Université-du-vin, Suze la Rousse in the Rhone Valley and at the same time succeeds in getting Beginning and Advance Certificates from the WSET [Wine & Spirits Education Trust] Program of London in the same year. As a passionate enthusiast, Melba dedicates herself to Wine Communication and Education.

Operating her own Wine Company in France in 1997 in France Melba has been involved with buying and selling wines Internationally, judging wines in Tasting competitions, and writing on-line articles for www Elle, Vin & Cuisine Ask an Expert.

In 2002 for a couple of years, Melba was the Director of the Wine Department of the Alain and Marie LeNotre Culinary Institute, a Member of the Wine Society of Texas and the Chain des Rotisseurs de l'Etoile Solitaire in Houston, Texas.

Teaching either in English or French, Melba works in areas such as Wine Training for Restaurants and Wine shops. She also uses her skills teaching Wine Science and Business at CMH Paris (, wine as a Luxury Product at ISC Paris Business School ( and has participated in a Seminar at IDRAC Lyon ( , the International Institut de Management Development [IMD] in Lausanne [Coaching Seminars], the Intitut Vatel [Courses in French]. She now lectures in Seminars Internationally on Wine Science, Business and Wine Tourism, as well as speaks in Conferences (i.e the International Wine Tourism Conferences sponsored by Wine Plesures, and the Douro Wine Tourism Seminar in Lamego, Portugal across Europe and Sensorial Analysis Workshops for VESTA in the USA.

Melba also uses the same skills in Wine Appreciation Classes and Cultural Events as leisure for groups and Companies such as Boston Scientific, OECD, Chateauform', Suez Water, PriceWater-House, the American Women's Group, WICE [Women Institute of Continuing Education] in Paris, Renault, EADS,...

She is actually a Member of "l’Union des Sommeliers de France à Lyon and Rhone Alpes" and the Union des Sommeliers International.

As The Wine Profilers Communications Coordinator of the social medias, and blogger, Melba Allen assists in pre-selecting wines and is in charge of TWP groups (units) and the English-speaking Communications Coordinator.

Melba delivered a talk titled:

Using Sensory Analysis as Games for a Memorable Visit

This workshop will show Wineries, Tasting Room Managers and Events Coordinators examples of short and easy to implement wine games that can entertain guests while they learn more about the wines that they taste and the regions from which the wines are produced. Some of these games can be in paper form for easier accommodation and accessibility. But because there are many wine games designed for smartphone users, we will also take a look at them as well. Games examples are, the WSET wine game, Great Wine Regions, Realtime wine, Wine expert test…

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