Nicolas Manfredini

Industry expert

Nicolas Manfredini is the founder and CEO of, the leading wine tourism booking platform in Europe that streamlines the management of reservations and tours for wineries. With a background in technology, a Master’s Degree in International Business and Marketing and a passion for wine and travel, Nicolas was inspired to create a solution that would help wineries optimize their operations and increase revenue through wine tourism. Under his leadership, Winalist has quickly become a leading player in the industry, helping +1000 wineries worldwide to improve their customer experience and streamline their operations. Nicolas is also known as a speaker and an expert in the field of wine tourism technology, sharing his insights and best practices at conferences and events.

Nicolas delivered the following Industry Presentation at IWINETC 2023:

Unlocking Increased Revenue & Occupancy for your Winery. Streamline your Hospitality Management with Winalist


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