Grape Escape Destinations to Wine for in 2022

  • 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
  • Vintage Magnum 2011
  • Grape Escape Destinations

Grape Escape Destinations to Wine for in 2022

3 diverse grape escape destinations will be presented in this session:

Priorat & Montsant It is only 30km from north to south of Priorat and Montsant, with the hills of Montsant surrounding Priorat and creating a mini micro-climate within. Priorat & Montsant strongly contrasting terroirs and therefore great variety for the wine tourist.

Armenia 5 wine regions, over 6100-millennia-old wine heritage along with manifold testimonies of Armenian wine-centered culture are all over the country waiting for you to embrace them and explore Armenia through a glass of wine. We will travel across the Armenian wine regions to guide you on your things-to-do-and-see list.

Wine Roads of North Greece The WINE ROADS OF NORTH GREECE, one of the signature activities of the association “Winemakers of North Greece”, is an alternative tourism initiative quite unlike anything else in the country and an innovative way for any visitor, Greek or foreign, to discover wineries of northern Greece that are open to visitors while having the opportunity to explore the lush vine-growing areas of this part of Greece and experience a host of local cultural activities.