Sinisa Curavic

Industry expert

Sinisa Curavic is a passionate wine lover, life lover and a wine tourism aficionado. He is sharing the passion and love for wine, one grape at a time. Especially when it comes to wine from the appellations of Catalonia and particularly from the Priorat. He is a member of the #winelover community and the Swedish wine club Munskänkarna with 24.000 members worldwide. In 2012 he formed the Barcelona chapter and he is now educator for the chapter, with its 47 members. Wine taster, blogger, connecting wine producers with importers and taking wine lovers for wine tours! In October 2015 he took part in the Swedish championship in Spanish wine knowledge, finishing second! He was educated by the regulatory body of the DOQ Priorat, for tour guides of the Priorat. He knows most of the cellars and wine makers of that region and lobbied for quite some time to make Priorat the wine region of the year for the Swedish wine club Munskänkarna. Priorat together with Montsant was officially declared “Wine region of the year 2016” by Munskänkarna. Wine tours arranged by Sinisa, include all the winemaking regions of Spain, but also the Douro region of Portugal, the south of France and Croatia! During the past 11 years, Sinisa has been producing bespoke, professional and epicurean experiences in these parts of the world, for the discerning wine travelers. As the passion for Vermouth was awakened in 2018, discovering the world of vermouth in the small village of Brafim, where Sinisa now lives, he started working as commercial coordinator for the Vermouth experiences at Casa Vermouth Padro! Sinisa did the Mongol Rally in 2016. The Rally itself is a crazy event, starting in London and ending in Ulan Ude in Siberia, passing thorough Mongolia and before that some 26 more countries. He did this race for charity but also for the adventure and for wine, together with a sommelier friend from Sweden, they stopped in all the wine producing countries on the way, to visit cellars and taste wine, the ultimate wine tour! Some of the wine producing countries that they visited included Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. And did you know they make some quite good wine in Kyrgyzstan? Any and all questions you might have will be answered as soon as he is able to put the wine glass down.

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