The Business Advantage of Responsible Tourism

There is a strong business case for Responsible Tourism, cost reduction, market advantage and reputation. Two major consumer trends are converging to move the market in favour of Responsible Tourism businesses. Many consumers are seeking authentic experiences and they are concerned about any negative impacts, social, environmental and economic that their trip may have. Experiences on the Wine Route in South Africa and Cava Country in Catalunya will be used to illustrate how the market moves on. More and more destinations are being identified as having an overtourism problem in the news and feature pages, although rarely in the travel pages. The terroir and the natural and cultural environment are fundamental to the production and consumption of wine and food in a period when local sourcing is prized. How can businesses make the most of these market trends and avoid the problems of overtourism.

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03:00 pm - 03:45 pm
Session 2.1
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