Industry Presentation

The Role of Wine & Grapes SPA Services & Spa Line Cosmetics in Wine Tours, Wine Chateaus & Wineries

The speakers are offering a non conventional use of wine and grapes as a method of skincare, anti-aging and mental health care. The spa center can be a wonderful and perfect end to any wine tour. Intriguing offers can be made for wine tours, hotels, wine chateaus and wineries. The spa line skincare products have powerful healing and preventing properties and are 100% organic. They are largely purchased by our clients both for skincare purposes and as souvenirs and gifts.

The Gevorgyan spouses are currently carrying out the process of franchising of their invention (Spa procedures) all over the world. The details of this process will be discussed thoroughly during the presentation.

09:30 am - 10:15 am
Sala Adriano
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