Branding & Marketing

Travel in a Digital World

Your customer base is evolving.  Digital immigrants – those who were born prior to the Internet era – are giving way to the digital natives of Generations Y and Z.  They now have the earning power to be an increasing proportion of your future customer base.  Digital natives have only ever known communication without borders, instant access to any information that might interest them this particular second in time, building wide but perhaps shallow circles of online friends, making their own news through social media.  Yet, in the wine and culinary tourism industry, the majority of our businesses are still run by digital immigrants.  How do we need to adapt and change to embrace the digital world?  What are the characteristics of digital natives that need to be understood to drive our digital marketing?  How can our businesses remain relevant and attractive?  In this session you will learn about the future digital marketplace and what your business needs to do to continue to thrive in an increasingly digitally-driven world.

09:30 am - 10:15 am
Budapest Ballroom
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