Official IWINETC Grand Cava Tasting – The Line Up

Premium CavaCava offers the best value of any of the Sparkling wines from around the world but as there is a huge diversity  in terms of terroir, dosage, and ageing one should choose carefully.

8 Premium Vintage Cavas will be on the tasting menu at the Sarah Jane Evans led IWINETC Official Grand Cava Tasting coming up on 6 April 2016 within the the talk programme of the 8th Edition of the International Wine Toruism Conference held in Barcelona.

Attendees interested in Cava as a wine, rather than just something fizzy for celebrations won’t be dispappointed at the Grand Cava Tasting.

Winery Cava Grapes Aged
Rosado Brut Reserva 2013
Trepat & Pinot Noir
Col·Lecció Brut Reserva 2012
Macabeu, Xarel·Lo, Parellada & Chardonnay
Noa de Bohigas 2013
Pinot Noir & Xarello.lo
Casa Sala Gran Reserva 2006
Xarel·Lo Y Parellada
Jaume De Codorníu Gran Reserva 2011
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Xarel.Lo
Gran Reserva Leopardi 2010
Macabeo, Xarel.Lo, Parellada & Chardonnay
Reserva Familiar Sabaté I Coca 2010
Xarel·lo (50% fermentation oak barrels & 50% Inox)
Gran Reserva III Lustros 2007
 Xarel·Lo & Macabeu


Is your mouth watering yet?



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Feel like one of family at Vallformosa

Vallformosa 4Vallformosa  are a historic winery who, despite celebrating their 150 year anniversary in 2015, are at the forefront of modern Cava and wine production. This is a family run business that has a reputation for producing exceptional, and affordable, Cava that can be enjoyed by other families locally and globally. And should you be lucky enough to visit the winery, “like family” during IWINETC is exactly how they will make you feel.

Vallformosa 3 (2)The winery is enclosed by a forest of currently dormant vines and abundant green pastures in the well-known Cava producing region, Penedes. Perhaps the landscape’s beauty inspires the attitudes of the staff members as upon entering Vallformosa´s reception, you are enthusiastically welcomed with open arms and hugs. There is a sweet scent of sparkling wine and it is here that I meet Vallformosa´s cultural guide who excitedly divulges her knowledge about the winery before directing us straight to where the wine-making process starts; the vineyard. We are shown the newest Muscat vines which are a young, 12 years old but still surprisingly gnarly and mature in their appearance. The rich, clay-like soil which encase the plants´roots is vital for the creation of a quality grape. In the distance I can see Vallformosa’s ‘ancient’ vines which, unlike the younger ones, are left to more purist growing methods. The careful cultivation of the fruit in one of nature´s most pristine settings is something that visitors will truly appreciate.


The tour moves within Vallformosa´s gates to the events area which has a traditional ‘finca meets tropical island’ feel to it. The generously sized courtyard is lined with Cuban-imported palm and banana trees and has an inviting swimming pool. Dotted around are old wine barrels which have been recycled into decorative plant holders and overlooking the garden is Vallformosa´s  Josep Domènech’s family home; a mere 16 bedroom villa.

The tour highlight is visiting the winery´s very own slice of history which is the old 1920’s cellar, ‘Zona Vinicola’,  which has been transformed into a wine museum. The scent of aged wine lingers in this space which has been preserved to demonstrate the old methods used for wine making. Heavy wooden presses, thick rope filters, and mass iron scales rest silently in the stone room where the family´s wines were once aged in underground tanks. There is a natural coolness to this room but this is quickly dissipates as whilst visiting the cellar, the vibrant Josep Domènech himself enters! The 87-year-old business owner kisses me as though I was his own daughter and assures me that I am welcome in his home as it is my home too. His enthusiasm and spirit is contagious and stays with me throughout the rest of the Vallformosa tour.

The rest of the visit sees the newer parts of the winery which is the ultra modern, stainless steel wine-making facilities. Rooms full of high-tech and shiny presses, filters and pumps are a stark contrast to the old cellar and smell of sterilisation. We also visit the deafening bottling area  where mechanical arms swiftly move to complete the final processes. Vallformosa leave no doubt in my mind that they have finely tuned their creation of Cava with the ability to fill 6000 bottles per hour! But the main focus of this tour is that even though the wine-making process has been modernised, Vallformosa is a company that savours the sound of the popping of a cork. A sound that signifies celebration and the coming together of  friends and family  around a glass of sparkling Cava.

ORIGEN brut nature 50 Great Cavas 2016 Gold medalVallformosa are an IWINETC supporter and will be sharing this experience with participants by providing the wines for the conference lunch on the 5th April 2016:

  • Origen Brut Nature (97 puntos en 50 Great Cavas 2016)
  • Mas La.Sala White 2015 (Xarel.lo, Macabeo & Chardonnay)
  • Mas La.Sala Red 2014 (Tempranillo, Cabernet Suavignon, Grenache)

Vallformosa will also be hosting one of 50 Great Cavas 2016 – The Visits on the 4th April and will be sharing their expertise about the industry during the Wine Tourism Workshop.

Sara Klank

Freixenet Go Gold at IWINETC 2016

Freixenet Gold sponsor #IWINETC 2016“CAVAS FREIXENET” are the accentuated words that greet visitors at this acclaimed winery and highlight that sparkling wine is their main star. Freixenet is a popular hotspot for visiting tourists and locals who want to learn more about wine making or simply taste a delicious Cava or two.

When you visit the winery, you will find people from different nationalities crowding the carpark for an opportunity to be photographed alongside one of the curiously bottle-shaped cars or motorbikes. The traditional, Finca style building that houses the winery’s old cellars is surrounded by neatly pruned hedges and gigantic, wooden wine presses. The building’s front porch is the ideal spot for having a glass of wine as it has views of the garden’s water fountain and looks out onto the serene setting that Freixenet has created.

Freixenet Gold sponsor IWINETC 16Many visitors opt to do a guided tour which explores the underground chambers and cellars that go a deep, five storeys down. Along the way, the guide explains the Cava making process which is made understandable by the photographs and paintings that decorate the walls. Many of the rooms are filled with hundreds of bottles of aging Cava, the oldest of which dates back to the early 1920’s. Witnesses can also see the maturing process of still wines in action as they walk past the oak barrels which smell distinctly of fermenting sweet wine.

Freixenet Gold sponsor IWINETCThe tour takes a modern turn with guests embarking on an underground train ride to move forward in time to contemporary wine making facilities. Left behind are the cobweb covered, stony cellars filled with rustic barrels and now to viewing rooms housing high-tech, stainless steel machinery. Along the way the train passes an uncountable amount of young bottles of wine that will be kept until they have undergone their minimum aging requirements.

Freixenet Gold sponsor IWINETC 2016Visitors conclude their visit at the Freixenet tapas bar to sample the winery’s Cava which is accompanied with a few snacks and tasting notes given by the guide. The classy yet cosy restaurant can be enjoyed by anyone wanting to experience the charm of the winery or dabble in a cheeky Catalan food and Cava tasting.

Freixenet are IWINETC Gold Sponsors, exhibitors at the IWINETC Resource Exhibition, and taking part in the post conference Wine Tourism Workshop. They will also be presenting a Cava at the Grand Cava Tasting on the 5th April which will be followed by a VIP tour and Gala Dinner at the Freixenet winery.

Sara Klank


Grape Escape Destination Castilla y León with Grupo Matarromera at IWINETC 2016

GRUPO MATARROMERA present at IWINETC 2016Matarromera, a group of wine companies participating in IWINETC 2016, is one of the leading wine tourism providers in Spain. Grupo Matarromera will be presenting its seven wineries located in five well known wine regions of Spain: Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Cigales, Toro and Rioja. In addition to engaging in viticulture and winemaking, the company also produces non-alcoholic wines, extra virgin olive oil, cosmetics, spirits and products made with grape extract.

MATARROMERA present at IWINETC 2016Matarromera, Emina Ribera, Rento, Emina Rueda, Valdelosfrailes, Cyan and Bodega Carlos Moro have modern facilities where you can learn more about the process of winemaking, tastings, attending tasting courses, guided tours, harvest experiences, hot air balloon rides, helicopter flights and much more. Visitors are also offered a wealth of information about the history and process of making wine in the wine Museum Emina in Ribera del Duero.

Its undeniable commitment to quality wines and sustainability is complemented with one of the most impressive and complete wine tourism offer in the country, complemented by the Hotel Rural Emina, located in Valbuena de Duero, and the restaurant La Espadaña in San Bernardo, next to Emina Ribera, where the roast lamb and other traditional Spanish cuisine along with excellent wines make an extraordinary pairing.

Many wine tourists visit its facilities annually, enjoying different experiences related to the world of wine. The wine group offers a large and comprehensive range of activities, 365 days a year, to spread culture and knowledge about the world of wine while enjoying an environment and unique landscapes.



Discover the Wine Roads of Northern Greece at Global Event for Wine & Culinary Industry

WINE ROADS OF Northern GREECE at IWINETC 2016In a land drenched in history eight selected wine routes featuring 31 wineries await their visitors offering a lifetime experience in some of the most picturesque and fascinating venues in Europe.

In Greece, the first organized wine roads were outlined in 1997 by the Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece Vineyard and given the official name “Wine Roads of Northern Greece.”

Explore Naoussa, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Metsovo, Amyntaio, Mount Olympus and many other mythical towns and regions full of tastes and aromas.

The Wine Roads pass through ancient villages with astonishing panoramic views, regions rich in archaeological treasures, wine villages, beautiful lakes and magnificent beaches.

The Wine Roads suggest visits to the most renowned Greek vineyards and celebrated wineries for visitors to sample internationally award winning wines right where they are produced and meet the people who make them.

Wine roads Of Northern Greece  are represented at IWINETC 2016 with three renowned wineries with great history:

Domaine Gerovassiliou

A privately owned single vineyard estate in an ideal microclimate, a pioneer winemaker who revived the almost extinct Greek grape variety of Malagousia, a unique wine museum with 2600 corkscrews and viti-vini cultural cratfs dating back to the 4th century BC. Six years among the Top 100 wineries worldwide.

Porto Carras – Winery & Resort

Domaine Porto Carras, one of largest organic vineyards in Europe, is located in Halkidiki and has set a milestone in the Greek Wine Industry. Its breathtaking mountain and sea views and its vineyard activities are a must for every visitor.

Katogi Averoff – Winery & Boutique Hotel

Katogi Averoff’s sixty year history of winemaking in magical Metsovo, makes it one of Greece’s most unique wineries and a pioneer of Greek wine tourism. Metsovo offers a vast variety of cultural and nature activities and a unsurpassed experience for the wine traveler.


ArteBacchus — Wineries of Spain at a glance

ArteBacchus at IWINETC 2016New, free wine-app offers comprehensive service for winemakers and wine tourists. Includes multilingual audio guide-app for individualized winery visits. 

Travelling in Spain and interested in visiting one or more of the wineries spread all over the country? ArteBacchus has the potential to become the centralised information system for wine tourists. The new app bundles up all relevant information about wineries. The promotional platform for wineries not only gives a compact overview of the Spanish wine landscape but at the same time also becomes an ideal tool for travel planning.

ArteBacchus takes a regional approach. Currently the basic entries for all wineries offering wine tourism in Catalonia are available. More are following. Depending on the package booked by the winery, additional information is presented: Introduction to the winery, detailed information about visits, product descriptions, ordering at the winery online-shop, subscribing to its newsletter, world-wide purchase information and more. The self-administration of all information by the winery guarantees its up-to-date.

ArteBacchus targets the strongly growing international wine tourism market. The app therefor currently runs in ten languages (Spanish, Catalan, Basque, English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese).

Torres Gold sponsor IWINETC 2016Multilingual audio guide included

Something almost impossible to solve for smaller wineries becomes an organizational challenge even for bigger ones: Considering the international flow of tourists, offering multilingual winery visits more and more becomes a matter of course.

Using the integrated ArteBacchus AudioGuide guided visits can now be done simultaneously with people from different nations. Or as an addition to cover languages one does not speak. ArteBacchus offers a full service from translation to audio production based on the texts delivered by the wineries.

ArteBacchus is presented to the general public for the first time at IWINETC 2016 in Barcelona.


Gramona apuesta por el Enoturismo y estará presente en el Congreso IWINETC para presentar sus experiencias vinícolas

Gramona IWINETC 2016Gramona apuesta por la mejora continúa de sus servicios y es por eso que estará presente durante el 8th Congreso Internacional de Enoturismo (IWINETC) que se celebrará los días 5 y 6 de Abril en la provincia de Barcelona.

Somos una empresa que trabaja sus tierras ininterrumpidamente des de mediados del siglo XIX. Cinco generaciones de una familia de tradición vinícola ubicada en Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

Así mismo, Gramona participará en el Workshop para establecer vínculos profesionales con distintas compañías, para poder transmitir nuestra pasión a la hora de elaborar nuestros cavas y vinos y conseguir hacer partícipe de esta a todos nuestros visitantes.

Mireia Borrell Calvet, responsable de Enoturismo de Bodegas Gramona estará presente durante los 3 días para presentar nuevas experiencias tanto a nivel particular como a nivel corporativo.

Gramona III LustrosFinalmente, añadimos que Gramona participará con su Cava Gran Reserva III Lustros 2007 Brut Nature (Medalla de Oro con una puntuación de 95 puntos 50 Great Cavas 2016) en la cata que presidirá Sarah Jane Evans Master of Wine. Gramona III Lustros Brut Nature con una crianza de 100 meses y un proceso 100% artesanal. Hace falta destacar que somos una bodega fiel a una filosofía sostenible para su entorno y tenemos el objetivo de recuperar la vida a la tierra e identificar así la identidad del territorio en sus vinos. Por eso, recurrimos a la agricultura ecológica y a la biodinámica en el cultivo de nuestras viñas.

Para más información: Mireia Borrell, responsable de Enoturismo Tel:+34 630 11 95 63 C/Indústria, 36 08720- Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

Cava & Hotel Mastinell participará en el IWINETC 2016 sobre Enoturismo

Los días 5 y 6 de abril el prestigioso congreso IWINETC tendrá lugar en el área del Penedès. Mastinell, como bodega que forma parte de esta región, estará presente en este encuentro y participará en el ‘Wine Tourism Workshop’ del día 7.

Muy cerca de la zona costera de Sitges, entre las montañas de Sant Pau y Vilafranca del Penedès, se encuentra Mastinell, una pequeña bodega familiar donde se elabora cava y vino de máxima calidad con una producción limitada y artesanal. Esto le ha valido poder formar parte del selecto grupo de las primeras diez cavas más prestigiosas de la D.O. Penedès.

Mastinell at IWINETC 2016El éxito recae en los valores de Mastinell, pues la bodega se planifica y crea con el objetivo de producir cavas de alta calidad -Reserva y Gran Reserva – de al menos 3 años llegando hasta 10 años, cuando el consejo regulador D.O Cava únicamente exige 9 meses de crianza.

Fruto de esta dedicación, los vinos y cavas de Mastinell han obtenido numerosos galardones de prestigio en todo el mundo.

Mastinell at IWINETC 2016En el corazón de los viñedos se emplaza Cava & Hotel Mastinell, el recinto hotelero de cinco estrellas y puntero en sostenibilidad que emula una sinuosa imagen de las botellas descansando en rimas durante la segunda fermentación del cava.

Dispone de once excepcionales habitaciones y una suite presidencial abiertas a los viñedos con espectaculares ventanales circulares. Durante la estancia también se puede disfrutar de tratamientos de vinoterapia y cavaterapia en la misma habitación.

Mastinell from the airLa experiencia para los sentidos continúa en el espacio gastronómico En Rima, el restaurante del hotel que se sustenta en una gastronomía autóctona con productos catalanes y locales de km 0.

La oferta se completa con visitas guiadas para divulgar la cultura del vino y el cava empezando por los viñedos y terminando a 15 metros bajo tierra donde descansan durante años los excepcionales cavas Mastinell.

Premio a la Mejor Experiencia Turística de 2014 por la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Una de las 12 bodegas fundadoras de la primera Wine Road del estado, La Carretera del Vino.

Más información:

Gold for Torres at IWINETC

IWINETC organisers visited the renowned Torres winery located in Pacs del Penedes to see exactly what IWINETC conference attendees can expect during their visit as part of the IWINETC Networking progrmme. The tour, running for approximately 1.5 hours, is set at the picturesque Bodega which is located in the midst of a multitude of grape vines, modern structures and intriguing artworks.

Torres Gold sponsor IWINETC 2016It starts in the Visitor´s Centre, where guests are greeted and then escorted into a cinema to watch a brief film on the history of Torres. Even though we learn that this is a wine estate that has roots which date back to 1870, it is made clear that it is not backward in its approach to winemaking.  Post cinema, we get to experience the large winery in its entirety by taking a commented train tour through the vineyards and past the cellars. Our well informed guide gives thorough and captivating explanations about the wine making process that has evolved over the business´s history, plus facts about the Bodega´s landscape, buildings and products.

Torres Gold sponsor IWINETC 2016Throughout the tour we discover that Torres is suprisingly forward thinking in their use of technology as the winery uses only the most modern equipment and even has its own research laboratory, complete with scientists. Our guide emphasises that this is a business that is committed to environmental conservation through its use of biological alternatives. It is impressive to hear that only biologically friendly products are used at the site in addition to renewable energy sources, recycling initiatives, and reduced energy consumption. We are told that Torres has also commenced various projects to keep their focus on making it one of the most eco-friendly wine producers globally; making visitors feel like it is a brand that can be trusted and endorsed.

Torres Gold sponsor IWINETC 2016It is quite an active tour as visitors are able to move from the train into the different buildings and viewing rooms of all three of the winery´s cellars. Perhaps one of the most curious parts of the tour is when we are lead down one of the old cellar tunnels which is lined with classic, old oak barrels – three of which are signed by some very notorious figures.  The largest cellar holds 3000 barrels and we are told that if you arrive before 3pm, you can witness the workers in action.  Following this, we are lead by foot through the vines so as to experience the natural landscape and see just how many different grape varieties are being cultivated on site.

Towards the end of the tour, we journey into the Torres Museum which displays vintage wine making equipment, antique bottles, strange drinking vessels, Torres´ many awards and traditional, local artworks. The tour finally concludes in the tasting room where guests participate in a commented tasting of two of the estate´s wines as well as admire the many products on sale at the winery´s very own wine shop.

Torres Gold sponsor IWINETC 2016This comprehensive wine tour is informative and leaves no questions unanswered as the enthusiastic tour guides are more than willing to share their knowledge about wine.

IWINETC conference delegates will be able to experience this same guided visit on April 6, followed by a Gala Dinner at the Torres Mas Rabell Restaurant. As a Gold Sponsor of the IWINETC 2016, Torres will also be sharing their extensive knowledge about wine tourism by participating as an exhibitor at the conference´s resource exhibition and also in the Wine Tourism Workshop.

Eventbrite - IWINETC 2016

Catalonia: 2400 years of winemaking

Viticulture is estimated to have been introduced into the area of Catalonia through trade by the Phoenicians and the Greeks around 400 B.C.  Except for the period of the Moorish invasion of the area, Catalonia has cultivated grapes ever since.

IWINETC CatalunyaToday there are 10 distinct denominations for Catalan wine regions, with mostly Mediterranean grape varieties, primarily Garnacha and Carignan among red grapes, and Garnacha Blanca and Xarel·lo among white grapes. There is also Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Trepat planted throughout Catalonia, as well as the white varieties Parellada and Macabeo, which are primarily used for the production of Cava, Spain’s premier sparkling wine.

Blai limos at IWINETC 2016Blai Limousines is a chauffeured car rental company based in Barcelona and tied to the territory, offering services that range from transfers to full day excursions. The company participates at IWINETC 2016 as a supplier of transportation services to facilitate the knowledge of the Catalan wine producing regions. The private tours offered by the company are personalized to the very last detail, adapting them to the passengers preferences as to pick up times and duration of the tours.

There are full- and half-day tours covering all wine producing areas. For those visiting for the first time with tight time schedules, there is the possibility of visiting small wineries in the Alella area near Barcelona, which include a guided tour of the vines on a 4WD vehicle, wine tasting and lunch at the vineyard.

For full-day tours the company recommends the Penedès and Priorat areas. Penedès is the home of Catalan Cava, and what makes the Priorat unique from the rest of Spain and much of the world is that its century-old vineyards are planted with 360 degrees of exposure.