Colaboration Avenues – Czechia 2025

Whether you represent a whole grape escape destination, offer new technology for wine tourism, or work as an agent or provider promoting a specific wine region or service, IWINETC can offer you a range of colaboration avenues or specific actions that will put your company/organisation, brand and destination front and centre before, during and after the event.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference Catalogue

The Digital Conference Catalogue serves as a vital resource for all participants, facilitating efficient and productive navigation through the talk schedule. It encompasses comprehensive seminar details, complete listings of exhibitors, and logos of B2B Workshop providers. Accessible free of charge to every attendee and globally available online, it presents an ideal platform for you to distinguish yourself and capture maximum attention.

Conference Bag Insertion

We’re offering a limited number of conference bag insertion spots. This means your branded promotional item (pendrive, corksrew, flyer, small gift, etc.) will be included in every attendee’s bag, guaranteeing high visibility throughout and after the event.


Cultivate brand recognition and establish yourself as a respected authority in your specialized domain. Amplify your service, product, brand, or destination by conducting a live webinar ahead of the event. The recorded webinar will later be featured on the IWINETC Vimeo and Youtube channel and actively shared across IWINETC’s presence on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, ensuring extensive reach and engagement.

Online Meeting Agenda “My Wine Pleasures”

“My Wine Pleasures” stands as a virtual rendezvous platform where tour operators and specialized agents in wine tourism orchestrate their gatherings for the Wine Tourism B2B Workshop, collaborating with providers of wine tourism experiences. Endorsing this digital agenda offers elevated brand visibility and contributes to generating leads prior to the conference. Exclusive sponsorship opportunity available.

Homepage Banner (3 only)

This prominent banner will be dynamically showcased on the main iwinetc homepage, commanding attention and presence. It will retain its visibility throughout the prelude to the event, but our experts strongly advise focusing its display during the crucial 8-week span leading up to the event. This timeframe aligns with the zenith of visitor traffic, ensuring that your message gains maximum exposure and engagement. By strategically positioning your banner during this peak period, you harness the optimal potential to capture the attention of a diverse and engaged audience, ultimately enhancing your brand’s resonance and impact within the wine tourism community.

Registration Desk Banner

Secure the distinction of being the inaugural and concluding brand that every attendee encounters as they commence and conclude their journey at IWINETC. Your presence will frame their entire event experience, ensuring that your brand resonates in their minds as they embark on their eventful journey and bid their farewells. This pivotal positioning not only maximizes your brand’s visibility but also establishes a lasting imprint, leaving a memorable and impactful mark on each attendee’s memory of the event

Attendee Badges

Elevate your brand’s prominence by having your logo prominently displayed on both sides of all conference delegates, agents, speakers, and press badges. This strategic placement ensures that your brand enjoys continuous exposure throughout the event, capturing the attention of a diverse array of wine tourism professionals.

IWINETC Welcome Reception (Tuesday 25 March) RESERVED

Embrace a distinctive chance to take the helm as the sponsor of the exclusive IWINETC Welcome Reception, a gathering that unites all registered conference participants. This platform presents a dynamic canvas to amplify your brand’s resonance and extend its reach. Engage in meaningful networking, cultivate new leads, and foster connections that reverberate beyond the event. Here’s your opportunity to not only place your brand in the spotlight but to craft an immersive experience that resonates with attendees. Utilize videos, presentations, music, and other creative elements to showcase your destination and/or services in a compelling manner. The gastronomic and wine experience can be meticulously tailored and themed to align seamlessly with your destination’s essence or the essence of your services, creating an unforgettable ambiance.

NEW! Pop-in Presentations (4 available only)

Pop-in presentations will be a new feature at IWINETC and have been created based on feedback from agents and media. They are short (15 mins) commercial presentations programmed during the conference programme of talks. The presentation titles and times are placed in the conference programme. Presenters will have access to a wired laptop, screen and PA system. Pop-in slots encourage more Hosted Buyer appointment requests, media mention and/or coverage and attract trade visitors to your exhibitor table.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Monday 24 March

Extend an invitation to a select gathering of conference delegates, crafting an exclusive evening that revolves around the art of wine sharing, heartfelt conversations, and savoring delectable Bulgarian delicacies. This intimate event serves as a platform for attendees to bring forth a bottle of wine that holds personal significance. Whether it’s a representation of their home country’s heritage, a cherished favorite, or simply a curious choice, each bottle contributes a unique narrative to the evening.

As the sponsor, you will provide not just a venue but an atmosphere that fosters genuine connections and rich interactions. The carefully chosen setting will create a warm ambiance, encouraging attendees to share their wine stories, insights, and passions. Paired with locally inspired snacks, the tasting experience will further elevate the evening, complementing the wines and nurturing a sense of camaraderie. Proposals for Prague and Vienna only.

Gold Sponsorship (2 only)

The Gold Sponsorship Package offers a unique opportunity to elevate your brand and connect with a targeted audience of passionate wine tourism professionals at the upcoming conference. Please request a bespoke proposal tailored to align with our specific objectives .

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