Regina Foisey

Regina Foisey, Senior Marketing Manager, started in the Ontario wine industry in 1995. Over the past 20 years she has worked in a retail setting at a wine shop; moved to a winery where she managed a tasting bar, and on site tours and events for visitors. She also assisted with harvest and vineyard management to gain a full 360 view of the winery setting. She moved to the Wine Council of Ontario 11 years ago and has worked to develop many of the programs running today for winery support such as retail training, secret shopper, sales training and educational tours for retail staff. She oversees many of the marketing components from advertising, website, printed materials, and research as well as the sustainable winemaking program for Ontario wineries.

Regina delivered a talk at IWINETC 2015 titled:

Supporting & Promoting Wine Country Tourism in Ontario Canada>>

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