Tanya Avramova

Industry expert

Being involved in the family wine business since 2010 mainly in the marketing, events and export activities and with a background in the tourist business before that, Tanya has been actively working for promoting the Sakar region in South-Eastern Bulgaria as an exciting wine travel destination. Tanya is the driving force behind the association “Winegrowers of Sakar”, which organizes some of the most exciting regional wine festivals “Sakar 4x4” held at different location in each season. The festivals attracted thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and abroad proving that the combination of terroir-driven wines, local culture, nature and food can create a successful year-round travel destination.

While also working as a secretary for the Bulgarian Association of Independent Winegrowers (2012-2015)  Tanya was comunicating with wine producers from around Bulgaria and with time she realized that the number of women engaged in different aspects of the modern Bulgarian wine industry is huge – from (co)owners, enologists, marketing, finance and sales positions to every-day activities in wineries and vineyards. That fact soon became obvious also for international wine proffessionals with closer relations to the small Balkan country. In March 2021 Caroline Guilby MA, a specialist on Eastern European countries, held a webinar for Institute of Masters of Wine “Female hands in Bulgarian wine”, followed by  an article on jancisrobinson.com “The powerful women of Bulgaria” creating an international awareness of this interesting fact.

Tanya Avramova - Marketing & Events Manager, Bratanov Winery (Bulgaria), Member of the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals, Wine Tourism specilaist.

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