Branding & Marketing

Branding in the 21st Century: A Legal Perspective

Branding is a marketing practice that creates a name, symbol or design that both identifies and differentiates your product. An effective brand strategy requires a business to distinguish itself from its competitors, but also protects its brand through intellectual property. This presentation will focus on both theoretical and practical legal aspects of branding using the hypothetical business: Loony Wines, Inc.

With the rapid advances in technology and an economy that is globalized, whether your business has a local/regional presence or a national/international presence, branding your business and products starts at its inception. The hypothetical business, Loony Wines, Inc., will provide the participants with a visual story to help them understand the theoretical and practical legal aspects of branding. This presentation is aimed to an audience of winery owners, but is also applicable to any business owner involved in the wine tourism industry.

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm
Lánchíd Room
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