Aselma Tours to research Italy wine tourism for HORECA customers

Jan 9, 2012 | 2012 Italy, Wine Tourism Conference

Tamara Dubiel, co owner of the Polish agency Aslema Tours, offers her clients exotic vacations all across the globe. At this year’s International Wine Tourism Workshop, Tamara is seeking to expand her wine travel experience (previously focused in Portugal) to Italy! We took a few moments to ask Tamara what drew her to wine tourism and how Italy competes with some of her more exotic locations. 

1. What do you hope to gain from the workshops and meetings at the International Wine Tourism Workshop?

First of all – the knowledge of wine producers and how to use this knowledge making trips. Second – knowledge of the Tuscany region, the most demanded by our customers.

2. Your website indicates that Aslema Tours specializes in travel for small groups of active singles. How popular would you say wine tourism is in this market?

As the world becomes more unstable we noticed the group of customers interested only by european destinations is bigger than some years ago. We are doing our best to fulfil these expectations by offering a new travel possibilities. It could be a trip combined with  wine &
gastronomy, more and more popular combination as well as trip combined with grape harvesting that could be a great possibilty to show the work connected with wine production ( in this case I am mostly interested in small wineries). But – mostly – wine tourism is dedicated for professional groups for tailor – made trips ( restaurants, hotels etc).

3. Your company already offers wine tastings in Portugal. What differences do you expect to see between Italian and Portuguese wine tours?

It’s different country, different wine, different cuisine… = different product for me.

4. Aslema Tours offers a variety of exotic trips throughout Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean. How do you think Italian wine holidays will compete with these more unusual destinations?

As I wrote above, the group of customers for european destination is growing. As we always try to offer  something more that hotel, sand & sea I think  it will be a new opportunity. And please remember professionals that often travel with us.

5. After the conference, you´re headed to Tuscany from the 2nd to the 5th of February. Why did you choose to explore this region?

Aselma Tours to attend IWINETC 2012The region is definitely the most demanding by our customers. It’s important for me to know it as much as possible.

To meet Tamara Dubiel and learn more about Aslema Tours, join the 300 other attendees at the International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop 2012!

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