Gaumarjos! Bolomde! Georgian Wines To Taste at IWINETC 2013!

The first word most tourists to Georgia learn is “guamarjos!” – cheers! Long thought to be the birthplace of wine and supported by archaeologists finding wine vessels from 6000 years ago and ancient architecture with frescos of grape vines; this is a wine country.

Georgian wine is rooted in natural and ancient technologies. Grapes are still pressed by foot and the juice is still stored in clay amphorae called “qvevri.” Today’s Georgia is authentic history in a bottle, though more and more Georgian wine is being made using state-of the-art equipment.

Kakheti is the heart of a fertile wine country. It is nestled below the Caucasus mountains to the north, the Azerbaijan basin to the south and the Black Sea to the west. The mixture of climates lends itself to indigenous grapes of great character. Though sometimes hard to pronounce, the wine is some of the most highly regarded by those in-the-know.

On Saturday March 16th at the IWINETC, get in-the-know!

IWINETC closes with a tasting of Georgian wines. “Bolomde!” – bottoms up!

Bringing wine made from Saperavi, Georgia’s most prominent red wine varietal identifiable by it’s pomegranate color and velvety structure, are wineries Winiveria, Khareba, and Shumi. Also taste Chateau Mukhrani’s Seperavi which delivers on mulberry, blackberry and cherry aromas.

Alaverdi Monastery Cellar has been producing wine since 1011. Try their Kisi, a soft, full bodied, natural white.

The Krakhuna grape is cultivated in the river valley of Kvirila in West Georgia. Khareba Winery produces a dry white wine from 100% Krakhuna.

Kondoli Vineyards will provide a wine made from a select block of Rkatsiteli grapes which are picked in the first days of veraison resulting in high quality concentrated fruit and complexity.

Chateau Mukhrani also offers Goruli Mtsvanz, Georgia’s local white varietal whose green tinge signifies acidic structure and potential for aging.

Winiveria Winery is bringing a wine made from Khikhvi, a white grape with an identifiable unique fragrance of exotic fruits and a selection featuring Rkatsiteli grapes

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