IWINETC 2016 Destination Barcelona, Catalunya

The 7th International Wine Tourism Conference 2016 held in the La Champagne region of France was closed by making an official announcement that Barcelona will be hosting IWINETC 2016 and this was followed by a talk delivered by the General Manager of the Catalan Tourist Board, Xavier Espasa Añoveros who gave the audience a snippet of things to come next year with the slogan “Catalonia is your home”.

The talk ended with a video showing a range of tourism possibilities in the Catalonian region.

2009 saw the birth of the International Wine Tourism Conference which was held in Sitges, Catalunya. 7 years on will see the event return to Catalunya but this time with the support of both the Barcelona Province Council (Diputació de Barcelona) and the Catalan Tourist Board (Turisme Catalunya) and the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).


#IWINETC 2016 “Catalonia is your home” from Wine Pleasures on Vimeo.

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  1. I teach at one university in Bulgaria and I am interested to know some more about the future conference in 2016 and the conditions, fees, etc. for participation. Thank you in advance.

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