IWINETC 2022 Announcement

Due to recent and continuing political unrest in some grape escape destinations within Europe some of our key sponsors are not able to commit resources to host IWINETC 2022 and so with great regret we are not able to schedule the 14th annual edition of IWINETC this year.

The good news is we are connecting with destinations and planning for IWINETC 2023 and look forward to making an announcment later this year.

In the meantime we invite you to keep up to date with news and developments by joining either our FB group page or our Linkedin group page.

4 responses to “IWINETC 2022 Announcement

  1. Thanks so much for the update, Anthony.
    I will look forward to 2023 when the world will be more conducive to travel – like it used to be!

  2. Agree, Hilarie. Hopefully 2023 travelling will be like it used to be. Quite a challenge this year.

    Success with organising IWINETC 2023, Anthony. Looking forward to it.


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