Plovdiv: Bulgaria’s Cultural Jewel Sets Stage for IWINETC 2024

Oct 17, 2023 | 2024 Bulgaria, Wine Tourism Conference

In the 2nd Century, Lucian of Samosata eloquently praised a city of grandeur and nobility, visible even from afar, with a great river flowing near its walls. This city is none other than Plovdiv – the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe and one of the world’s ancient marvels.

Plovdiv, set to host the 15th edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) on the 9th and 10th of April 2024, harmoniously weaves together millennia of history, culture, and heritage. With every step, one can sense the city’s gracious, tranquil, elusive, yet utterly captivating spirit.

As Bulgaria’s foremost cultural hub, Plovdiv hosts a plethora of events and festivals of both national and international significance, standing as a beacon of cultural exchange.

In 2019, Plovdiv was bestowed the esteemed title of European Capital of Culture. In 2022, it claimed the fourth position in the European Best Destinations ranking for Best European Destination, also earning the accolade of Europe’s Best Cultural, Romantic, and Wine Destination.

The eternal city of Bulgaria, Plovdiv, safeguards remnants of eight millennia of human existence. Here, one can uncover archaeological treasures from the Neolithic, Antiquity, Medieval, and Renaissance periods. Plovdiv coexisted with Troy and Mycenae, predating Athens, Rome, and Constantinople.

This city transports you back in time, allowing you to stand in awe before the awe-inspiring relics of antiquity – the 1st-century Roman Theatre, the 2nd-century Roman Stadium, the Ancient Forum with its Odeon, and countless more.

It is a city that cherishes renowned landmarks – precious fragments of the Roman mosaic heritage displayed in the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis (IV-VI A.D.), the Small Early Christian Basilica (IV-VI A.D.), and various other locations throughout the city.

Plovdiv breathes with the spirit of the Renaissance, its enchanting Old Town adorned with beautifully embellished Renaissance houses.

Evidence of Plovdiv’s past and essence is carefully preserved in museums and galleries, housing over 300,000 cultural artifacts, rendering the city a favored destination for travelers.

For any lover of wine, Plovdiv and its surrounding region are an absolute paradise. The Maritza Valley is where vintners nurtured their grapes five millennia ago, and their produce garnered acclaim from chroniclers of antiquity.

Plovdiv looks forward to extending a warm welcome to all attendees at the International Wine Tourism Conference 2024.

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