Tasting at Mustilli Winery during IWINETC 2012

Three lovely wines showing great typicality made even more interesting by using local grape varieties. Tasting notes taken at the time from four bloggers…

Mustilli Spumante: “a lemon and mandarin thing going on here… a mineral apple thing” –  Julie Pegg

Mustilli Falangina Sant Agata Dei Goti 2010 : “a decent nose -a little touch of honey… a little peel… citrus” – Bill Eyer
“Very fresh, citrus, and floral tasting. Would taste great with seafood” – Mary Cressler
“There’s a definite aroma of perfumed talc… old lady’s perfumed talc” – David Lowe 

Mustilli Cesco di Nece Aglianico 2007 : “really impressed with the nose, fruit forward, rich, jammy fruit lots of raspberries. Very approachable. Medium to full bodied, a little dryness on the after taste. Tannins as expected. Really nice.” – Melba Allen

The tasting was preceded by an exploratory wander through the estates ancient cellar – mold covered walls, racked vintages snuggly aging, and oak barrels maturing the latest vintages.

Photographs and text by Andrew Barrow