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Sep 18, 2011 | Wine Tourism Conference

Wine is something that is uniquely special to everyone who consumes it. For Tom Plant, wine has become something more than just a hobby. Originally a realtor and an amateur gamer who used to play games to win real money for free, Tom Plant has turned to his other passion of wine and he, along with his wife, Laura, created the website WINEormous to share their love with others. 

Through WINEormous, Tom’s experiences in the wine region of Temecula, CA gave him the background to start his own wine tour company through the Valley. His excitement for the area and for the wine there is evident with his honest, no-nonsense way of writing about his experiences and his desire to share the region with anyone who is interested. 

In anticipation of Tom’s presentation at the upcoming International wine Tourism Conference in Italy, we talked to Mr. WINEormous about his thoughts on Temecula, experience with wine tourism and what he hopes to bring back home from Italy. 

The 2012 Wine Conference takes place in Perugia, Italy, how do you view Umbria as a wine destination?
I think Umbria is an exciting destination choice. Italy has a long and storied history of wine making and the food and wine pairing is hard to beat. 

As your blog is dedicated to touring and tasting in Temecula wine country and beyond, what have you learned that could be useful to people in other wine regions?
Do all you can to get to know the people in your local wine industry. Most of them have fascinating stories to tell.

 From your blog we see you have visited wineries across the United States as well as Nova Scotia and France, which one(s) do you think cater to tourism the best?

I think Paso Robles, California does an outstanding job of promoting its region. Their wine country alliance does a tremendous job of organizing and promoting events and there is a true sense of regional identity. The vast majority of wineries there go out of their way to make you feel welcome and invite you to return. 

What do you hope to learn in Italy that you can bring back to Temecula?
It’s always fascinating to see how things are done in different cultures. We grow a few Italian varietals here. I want to see what foods pair the best with them and share it with my readers and the wine makers/restaurateurs here. 

5) Which Italian wines do you hope to see in the Jane Hunt MW Grand Wine Tasting Wines of Italy?
I don’t have a huge education in Italian wines, but I would hope to see Barolo, Nero D’Avola, Amarone, Sassacaia and Ornelaia. 

Come join the International Wine Tourism Conference and have a chance to speak more with Tom as well as over 300 other wine professionals.

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