Wines of Croatia Tasting at IWINETC …A Sneak Peek!

Croatia is a country with a strong wine culture and people that have always appreciated its true quality. Almost half of the vineyards in Croatia are not registered for business and trade but can only keep wine for personal consumption.  The other half, destined for the market is rather uknown outside Croatia (…until now!).

Croatia is divided on two basic categories. Continental Croatia and Coastal Croatia.  Coastal Croatia is divided into following wine areas: Middle and south Dalmatia, Dalmatian Zagora, North Dalmatia, Croatian Coastal, and Istria.  Continental Croatia is divided into following wine areas: Podunavlje (Danube), Slavonija (Slavonia), Moslavina region, Prigorje-Bilogora, Pokupje, Plešivica, and Zagorje-Međimurje.

There is more then two hunderd different grape varieties grown in Croatia today and at least sixty of them are unique and indigenous, but there are three main varieties which cover 49% of total production, and those are the Graševina, Malvazija, Plavac Mali.

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IWINETC 2012 is excited to present the Vina Croatia Experience: A Tasting led by Saša Špiranec, on Tuesday January 31 at 6:00pm.