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Below is a list of article titles written by the IWINETC 2015 Media Group with several contributions from conference delegates. Please keep checking back as the list will be updated on a monthly basis until the 2016 edition which will be held in the province of Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain.

Subhash Arora

IWINETC 2015: Le Champagne in La Champagne-Ooh Le La!
‪#‎IWINETC‬ 2015: Champagne Wine Tourism Conference in Champagne
IWINETC 2015: Grower Champagnes- Les Champagnes de Vignerons

Julie Pegg

Exploring the Aube region
Champagne: More than Wine and Roses

Ashika Mathews

Rosé des Riceys

Bruno Gaberšek & Bostjan Protner


Christopher Walkey

International Wine Tourism Conference in Champagne

Guillaume Perrin:

En Catalogne, un musée du vin fait sa mue
Ce que veulent les touristes

Le monde de l’œnotourisme pose ses valises en Champagne

L’œnotourisme met la Champagne au centre du monde

André Deyrieux:

Le plus grand événement oenotouristique au monde
L’oenotourisme en 3D
Champagne : Oenotourisme côté nature
L’oenotourisme des Jeunes Talents

Terry and Kathy Sullivan:

Champagne Collet
Champagne Dom Caudron
Champagne Drappier
Veuve Clicquot
Avenue de Champagne
2015 International Wine Tourism Conference Has Sights Set on La Champagne
Dunking Potato Chips into Champagne
Wine Tourism Statistics from Winery and Wine Tourist Point of View
IWINETC Day 2 Overview
IWINETC Day 1 Overview
Starting the Celebration Early
History Haunts Champagne
What I’m Looking for while in Champagne
A Year in Champagne
Champagne Legends and Myths
Champagne Reveals a Cellar Master’s Creativity
Sparkling Wine before champagne
Champagne before champagne
Beyond Bubbles: the Essence of Champagne Part 1
Champagne Flight
An Influence of a Champagne Family on a North American Winery
Official IWINETC Champagne Grand Tasting
How to Bring Wine Tourists Back after a Natural Disaster
Tell Wine Tourists the Story of Your Wine & Region
Regina Foisey on Branding & Marketing Wine Tourism in Ontario, Canada
Iter Vitis the European % Cultural Brand of Wine Tourism
Discover Hungary as a Great Escape Destination at IWINETC
Hilarie Larson & Champagne Set to Boost Brain Power at IWINETC 15
An Interview with Ashika Mathews Founder of London Love Wine
An Interview with Christopher Walkey Founder of “Glass of Bubbly”
Biscuits Roses de Reims
Toast to the Most Expensive Street in France
Vignobles & Découvertes, What’s That?
Champagne Charlier & Fils
Champagne Morize Père et Fils
Champagne Taittinger

Charlene Peters

What I learned at IWINETC 2015 in La Champagne, France

Lavina Kharkwal

Pinot Meunier given pride of place by Champagne Dom Caudron in Passy-Grigny
Rose des Riceys : A unique wine like no other.

Harriet Lembeck

You Can Work on Vacation in Champagne

Alexandra Foissac:

Voyage au Pays des Vins
Une escapade en Champagne
Une Route du Champagne 2015 et une AOC d’exception: Les Riceys

Hilarie Larson:

Champagne Travel Guide: Aube
The Champagne Experience – International Wine Tourism Conference 2015
UNESCO makes it official – Champagne & Burgundy recognized
The Wine of Kings and the King of Wines Page 8 FWT Magazine
It’s the region on every wine lover’s list – Champagne

Linda Kissam:

Exploring the Champagne Region of France
Why It Still Makes Sense to Go to Professional Wine Conferences

Cacinda Maloney:

Explore the Champagne Houses in Reims and Enjoy the Good Life
Tiny Bubbles in the Countryside of France: Champagne

Susan Lanier-Graham:

Champagnes of Dom Caudron: Bringing New Life to the Champagne Tradition 
Discovering Champagne Drappier in the heart of the French Champagne region

Yegas Naidoo:

Insights learned at the International Wine Tourism Conference 2015

Marion Ivaldi:

C’est un fait: l’oeanotourisme n’est plus une niche
Réussir dans l’oenotourisme : les 4 conseils d’Hilarie Larson

Enric Ribera Gabandé:

Xavier Espasa, interviniendo en IWINETC 2015
Elisabet Vidal nos comenta la celebración de la IWINETC en Reims
Xavier Espasa presenta en IWINETC las excelencias de Cataluña
Philippe Harant presents La Champagne La Marne
Siguiendo los pasos de Renoir en el Espace de Essoyes

Tatiana Livesey:

Wine tourism is not a niche – overview of the international wine tourism conference

Dr. Alexey Vanchenko

Винный туризм – тренд последнего времени (Wine tourism – the trend of the present time)

Lilia Nizamova

Винными дорогами Шампани
Склоны, холмы и погреба Шампани внесены в список всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО

Gónusz Gabriella & Jánosi Csilla:

“Felkerültünk a világhálóra néhány csepp Tokaji aszú segítségével”

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