All aboard the Orient Express to Zagreb’s Regent Esplanade for IWINETC 2013

5* Regent Esplanade Zagreb was built in 1925 to provide luxury accommodation for passengers of the famous Orient Express. During the sixties the hotel was the home and playground for world famous celebrities including Yul Brunner, Jack Pallance, Rosana Podesta, Belinda Lee, Anita Ekberg and Orson Wells.

Diplomats and world statesman have also wined and dined in the Esplanade. Nikita Hruschtchow, Leonid Breshnev, President Nixon, Fanfani, Edmund Kohl, and Queen Elisabeth.

Agatha Christy wasn’t the only novelist to include the hotel in a book. Elena Tessadri, a well known Italian novelist chose the Esplanade as the setting for one of her novels. Anyone know which one?

Today, the Regent continues to follow its glorious tradition by caring for the high standards of service. With the increase of tourism to Zagreb and indeed the whole of Croatia, the Regent Esplanade Zagreb makes for an ideal venue for the 5th edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop. We look forward to welcoming you to a hotel that has been termed “the Temple of comfort and Gastronomy” from 15 – 17 March 2013.

Don’t miss the opening plenary session on Friday 15th March in the spectacular Emerald Ballroom. Early bird registration now open.

5 responses to “All aboard the Orient Express to Zagreb’s Regent Esplanade for IWINETC 2013

  1. Title is a little misleading. There was an Orient Express than ran through Zagreb, but it was only for a short portion of time in the last 150 years, terminating in Istanbul. The one that everyone knows in popular culture didn’t go anywhere near Croatia.

  2. @Adam. Luckily for Zagreb and the Regent Hotel, Agatha Christie happened to journey on the Simplon Orient Express which ran from Paris to Milan, Venice, Zagreb, Belgrade, and Sofia and therefore visited Zagreb and Hotel. Famous Agatha Christie’s story “Murder on the Orient Express” takes place on Simplon route.

  3. @ Adam. The Orient express route that runs through Zagreb *IS* the one that is know in popular culture. And it’s not just in Agatha Christie’s writings. In fact, Zagreb appears in the James Bond film “From Russia with Love”. From wikipedia: “At Zagreb, Grant boards the train and meets Bond pretending to be agent Nash from “Station ‘Y'”.”

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