Authentic Terroir

Speakers, John Wurdeman & Ia Tabagari expose the concept of the authenticity as a strategic platform for the development and visibility of the wine regions and wine tourism in the penultimate talk at the 6th International Wine Tourism Conference 2014 held in Georgia.

Living Roots at IWINETC 2014Unique spirit and authentic terroir represent cuisine, wine and folk songs of a distinct region. Visual and audio journey through different wine regions of Georgia help us to understand the unique harmony between cuisines, wine and music, as well as the programs of the agency Living Roots, which offers a unique and authentic experience of heritage and culture of Georgia.

polyphonic songs at IWINETCGreat creative concept and perfect presentation brings us back to essence of wine tourism. With a perfect performance of polyphonic singing of folk ensemble Diodgori, we could understand clearer and better the concept of authentic terroir.

Aleš Gačnik