Tbilisi Marriott Hotel venue for IWINETC 2014 Georgia

Apr 16, 2013 | 2014 Georgia, Wine Tourism Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel will be the venue for the International Wine Tourism Conference (28 – 29 March) and Wine Tourism Workshop (30 March) 2014.  As with past conference venues there are plenty of stories to discover!

During 100 year history the hotel witnessed all the main political and historical turbulence of the country.

Tbilisi as the capital city and, therefore the hotel itself was in the heart of those events, including:

  • Independence from Russian Empire in 1917;
  • Invasion of Georgia by Soviet Russia in 1921;
  • Carnage reprisals of Georgian youth in March 1954 and April, 1989 when Georgians rebellion against Soviet Regime started;
  • Civil War in Tbilisi in 1992;
  • And finally, the Rose Revolution in 2003, where Tbilisi Marriott Hotel was in the center of movements.

Tbilisi Marriott venue for IWINETC 2014The Hotel Majestic was known as the “Visiting Card” of “Beau Monde” among which were the famous Nobel Brothers and Siemens.

In Soviet times all the VIP guests – John Steinbeck, Jean Paul Sartre, George Balanchine, Fitzroy McClain (Prototype of British Agent 007), Margaret Thatcher and many others, stayed in this hotel.

Historical Chronology at a Glance

Tbilisi Marriott venue for IWINETC 2014In 1910, it was decided to build the first European standard hotel in Tbilisi. Construction started in 1911.

In 1915 construction was over and the hotel named “Majestic” was opened along with first cinema in Georgia called “Luxembourg”

Later in 1916, the architectural project of the hotel received golden medal at the international exhibition in Paris, France.

Tbilisi Marriott venue for IWINETC 2014In 1917, because of the World War I hotel was altered to military hospital.

In 1921, Russian Red Army invaded Georgia and the building was transferred to the Soviet Labor’s Committee of Georgia.

In 1936, Soviet authorities refurbished hotel and on 14th February, 1939 the hotel was opened as “Hotel Tbilisi”.

Tbilisi Marriott venue for IWINETC 2014New Hotel had 125 rooms for 310 persons. The hotel had one of the best restaurants for 100 persons, in all the USSR and a café for 70 persons;

It was the largest and the most comfortable hotel in Georgia, and was listed among top 10 hotels all over the USSR.

In 1990s, during the Civil War the hotel building was a military stronghold of the opposition and arm-fire dramatically damaged it.

In 2002, hotel was again renewed and launched as Tbilisi Marriott Hotel, now the beauty IWINETC 2014 Georgiaand pride of Tbilisi and IWINETC 2014 venue!

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Tbilisi Marriott Hotel – 13, Rustaveli Avenue, 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia

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