IWINETC 2015 La Champagne. Round up of Day 1

Apr 8, 2015 | IWINETC 2015 La Champagne, France, Wine Tourism Conference

It’s been a great day today at IWINETC, here are just a few of the highlights…

IWINETC Welcome Reception took place last night! Pascal Lebelle, in charge of culture and tourism in Reims  gave us all a very warm welcome and after everyone was enjoying the delicious canapés and Le Brun de Neuville Champagne Brut Cuvée Chardonnay and celebrating IWINETC 2015.

The doors opened at 08.30 this morning and the IWINETC Exhibition opened shortly after. The Conference talk programme commenced at 09.30 with welcomes from Christian Bruyen, and Jacques Meyers, and was followed by the opening plenary session La Champagne. A Sparkling Wine Tourism Destination in which, Philippe Harant, Director of the Champagne Marne Tourism Office took us along the Champagne routes of the region.

Morning coffee break gave us a chance to network, chat to exhibitors and try the famous Biscuit Roses de Reims courtesy of Maison Fossier.

The conference talk programme offered us cutting edge professional learning delivered by savvy international industry experts covering useful topics within the wine and culinary tourism industry.  The packed day of talks was interrupted by lunch where we had the chance to taste champagnes from Bonnevie Bocart and Richard-Fliniaux.

The day ended with the plenary talk, Champagne Savoir-Faire where Marie-Anne Louvet gave us a thorough understanding of the champagne world and highlighted the producers taking part in the Official IWINETC Champagne Grand Tasting which followed the talk.

In the evening some of us hopped on to a bus for dinner and champagne tasting at the Perching Bar close to Reims. For most it was the first time dining up in the trees!

Here’s what you can look forward to tomorrow…

For some of us tomorrow is sadly the final day, so don’t miss out on any of the action! Here are just a few things to look out for!

18 talks to choose from! Research Topics on Tasting rooms, converting website visitors into wine travelers (www.winetouradvisor.com), first time vs repeat visitors: types of loyalty. Grape Escape Destinations talks on Argentina, Chile, Champagne, Georgia, Hungary. Branding and Marketing experiences from Australia, Canada, France, UK & USA. Professional Development sessions on digital and social media and wine tourism product innovation.

In between talks take time to visit the exhibitor area. From 12.00 onwards there will be a chance to taste champagnes and wines from Croatia, Georgia and Italy.

Lunch will be served with wines from Torres, Spain.

At 16.30 make your way to the Auditorium for final announcements and the closing plenary session.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and hope you have a successful time at IWINETC 2015.

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