IWINETC Special Interest Groups

IWINETC receives fairly frequent requests from wine & culinary tourism professionals from around the world with respect to the existence and/or setting up of Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The aim of an IWINETC Special Interest Groups would be to extend the work of IWINETC into several specialist areas, to enable professionals with special interests in specific areas of wine and culinary tourism to benefit from information, news, developments, events and workshops.

Each Special Interest Group would aim to provide its members with several useful newsletters each year. Newsletters would include cutting edge articles in the field, while informing the membership about the content of conferences and day events which members may have not been able to attend.

Each Special Interest Group would aim to organize up to 3 events per year. These events would involve speakers and workshops.

In addition, there would be other benefits which vary from SIG to SIG: Websites/Blogs, social media groups and channels, scholarships etc

Special Interest Groups would be run by IWINETC partners

So which SIGs should we consider setting up if any? Your suggestions would be most welcome.

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  1. Hello!

    I have spent the last couple of years living in Croatia immersed in the wine scene. I started a small company teaching classes, offering wine events in Zagreb, and leading wine based tourism in Istria, which is definitely my region of expertise. I have also led tours in Dalmatia, toured Slavonia, and offered tours in Slovenia and Northern Italy, visiting producers I have known for many years in some cases. Would love to have a discussion about how we can work together or if I can help organize some events.
    Testimonials, media, etc are on my (work-in-progress) blog. The Travel in Croatia blog is not yet “released” but I’m working on it…

    Thanks and all the best!

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