Pop that! La Champagne to host IWINETC 2015

Mar 21, 2014 | 2014 Georgia, IWINETC 2015 La Champagne, France, Wine Tourism Conference

The IWINETC Team is pleased to announce that the 7th annual International Wine Tourism Conference 2015 will be hosted in France’s Champagne region. The Champagne-Marne Tourism Board, Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Marne will be our premium sponsor for the event. Dates pending confirmation.

La Champagne to host iwinetc 2015Known in Roman times as Campania, Champagne is best known around the world for the bubbles that have been produced here since the days of Dom Pérignon.

Production of the prestigious sparkling wine takes place mainly in two départements: Marne, whose metropolis is the ‘Coronation City’ of Reims and will be the venue for the IWINETC conference; and Aube, whose préfecture is the ancient and picturesque city of Troves, home to several exceptional museums and whole streets lined with half-timbered houses.

The town of Epernay, is the de facto capital of the champagne nectar. The Champagne Route wends its way through the region’s diverse vineyards, taking visitors from one picturesque wine-growing village to the next. A number of name-brand champagne houses have achieved international renown, but much of the region’s liquid gold is made by almost 5000 small-scale vignerons, many of whose family run facilities welcome bubble lovers.

IWINETC is the leading global event for the wine and culinary tourism industry. IWINETC 2015 will provide, once again a unique opportunity to build essential contacts, discover a new destination and services key to the future of your business, expand your industry knowledge and maximise your return on time.

Start planning your visit as early as possible to take advantage of every aspect of the event

Registration for IWINETC 2015 Champagne will be open 1 May 2014.


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