Taste the Textile at the IWINETC Exhibition

Introducing Desedamas – two Spanish sisters who are master artisans in their handling of silk and textiles. Cecília and Mercè Gonzalez are putting on a unique exhibition at the 2016 IWINETC and  will be presenting a ‘tasting menu’ of their fine textiles.

“Tast Textil” is the artists’ sensory experience of a degustation that they had at fine dining Catalan restaurant, and is a recreation of the food and beverages that they sampled that night. Through the exhibition, viewers are able to directly experience, both visually and texturally, 14 food dishes and 7 beverages. On the menu are food recreations, one of which showcases the sweetness of a cream covered parsnip dish while another the dark, richness of a decadent chocolate dessert. From the beverage-inspired artworks, you can see the sparkling characteristics of a golden coloured Cava along with a piece that portrays the stillness and purity of water; plus other works representing beer, white and red wines and a liquor.

All pieces are meticulously handcrafted and can take months to create in the Igualada studios as the different fabrics are hand dyed, woven and stitched with the finest of care and precision. IWINETC participants will be able to savour Desedamas’s delicious textiles during the conference´s resource exhibition and have the chance to meet the craftswomen behind these appetising artworks.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Sara Klank

Eventbrite - IWINETC 2016