Winery Visits: From Ho-Hum to Wow! Your Craft-a-Magic Guide 

Feb 23, 2024 | Wine Tourism Conference

The Vinaria 2024 panel discussion on “What Makes A Successful Winery Visit?” offered a treasure trove of insights for winemakers and hospitality professionals alike. Led by industry experts Anthony Swift, Silviya Topchiyska, Vasil Zlatev and Anelia Hristova the panel identified key steps to transform your winery visits from ordinary to extraordinary.

Know your audience: Before they arrive, understand their wine experience, purpose of visit, and demographics. This personalizes their journey and sets the stage for engagement.

Be open and accessible: Sundays open? Online booking available? Catering to various group sizes? Convenience matters! Utilize platforms like Google “Things to do” to reach them.

Surprise and delight: From unexpected treats to unique experiences, go beyond the expected. Keep them engaged and talking!

Tailor your story: Speak to savvy wine lovers differently than first-time visitors. Adapt your tour and tasting to their interests and knowledge.

Focus on engagement: Ditch the standing only lecture! Use storytelling, visuals, and interactive elements to keep them interested. Speak clearly, avoiding technical jargon.

Embrace technology strategically: Videos can be powerful, but use them thoughtfully. Consider pre-showing them only to those interested.

Empower your guests: Create photo-worthy moments and strong Wi-Fi for instant social media sharing. Branded hashtags boost engagement.#IWINETC

Focus on the essentials: Don’t overspend on fancy centres. The host, the wine, the stories, and the experience are the true stars.

Let the machines do their talking: Observe processes quietly with your guests. Long explanations interrupt their viewing.

Let the wine speak for itself: Share interesting stories about the wines, their labels, and their creation. Encourage guest conversation and discovery.

Focus on value, not sales pressure: Don’t force sales. Allow guests to connect with your wines, and they’ll ask to purchase if they resonate.

Remember the bigger picture: Winery visits are about educating, entertaining, and cultivating relationships. Promote your region and its wines alongside your own.

Craft unforgettable moments: By following these insights and embracing a visitor-centric approach, you can transform your winery visits into magical experiences that leave a lasting impression and drive customer loyalty.

Want to delve deeper? Download the speaker notes here>>

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