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Below is a list of article titles written by the IWINETC 2014 Media Group. Please keep checking back as the list will be updated on a monthly basis until the 2015 edition which will be held in La Champagne, France

Terry and Kathy Sullivan’s Published Works

Book: Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine


Qvevri and Qvevri Wine Museum
Discovering the Birthplace of Wine – Destinations Travel Magazine June 2014 edition
World’s Best Wine Vacations – Destinations Travel Magazine July 2014 edition – Includes Georgia and Champagne.
Black Sea Wines
Simon Zaoty
Danieli Winery
Nunu Kardenakhishvili
Dadiani Old Cellar
Nika Parcuanias Marani at Zaza Gagua Wine Cellar
Zurab Topuridze Wine Cellar
Lado Shavishvili Cellar
Qvevri Makers: A Rare Breed of Artisans
Wine Trail Traveler’s Impressions of Georgia (Sakartvelo)
Inspiration for the Book, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine


The Most Unique Wine Region in the World – In Vino Veritas Agence de Voyages blog           International Wine Tourism Conference Has Its Sights Set on Georgia – In Vino Veritas Agence de Voyages blog
Opening our Qvevri Wine
Georgia Wine Grand Tasting
Virginia Cider Made in Georgian Qvevri Served at Supra in Tbilisi
Birthday Celebration Continues 10,461 km Away
Alaverdi Monastery Has Heart
From Sealed Tomb Life Springs Forth
It Finally Happened (purchasing a qvevri)
Monks at Dadiani Old Cellar Produce the Rolls Royce of Georgian Wines
No Hail Terroir
A Kakhetian Supra
Two Western Georgian Wine Tastings Turn into Supras
Are there Qvevri Makers in the United States?
In Search of Gold in Georgia
In Search for a Bit of Georgia in America
International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) Offers Advertising Options
Photos of a Georgian Winery: Bagrationo 1882 in Georgia’s Kartli Region

Rowena Dumlao-Giardina published works


Veal in Barolo and Grapes and the International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia
Georgia on My Mind: A Tour of Georgia’s Capital, Tbilisi (Part 1)
Georgia on My Mind: Hotels & Sights at the Kakheti Region (Part 2)
4 hotels to stay in Kakheti, Georgia’s largest wine region (Article written for A Luxury Travel Blog)
IWINETC 2014 winds up with a visit to Tbilisi. Madloba Georgia!

Erin Korpisto published works


Wine Tourism Done Well – Part 1: In & Around Tbilisi
Wine Tourism Done Well – Part 2: Wines, Hospitality & Culture of Kakheti

Marijan Močivnik published works


Kvevri, kvevrija, kvevriju …
Festivali, sejmi
Prazna flaša: Pheasant’s Tears, Rkatsiteli 2010

Anthony Swift published works:


Tbilisi Marriott Hotel venue for IWINETC 2014 Georgia
The Great Georgian Feast (Supra)
Discover Qvevri Tradition in Georgia’s Kakheti Wine Region
Discovering Georgia’s Kakheti Wine Region
Destination Sakartvelo! Wine Tourism Conference to descend on Tbilisi
Enhance your knowledge, grow in wine tourism and be inspired! IWINETC Preview
Scraps of Heaven; the Prehistoric Rooots of Georgian Wine

Various authors published on the IWINETC web site:

IWINETC Day 1 round up: excitement increase for Georgian Wines & Tourism by Melba Allen & Kathy Sullivan
IWINETC Day 2 round up: Conference opens Saturday by Erin Korpisto, Cristina Portz & Anthony Swift
The Excitement Continues at the International Wine Tourism Conference by Rowena Dumlao-Giardina
2014 IWINETC Ends with Announcement of 2015 IWINETC Location: Champagne by  Erin Korpisto

Jochen Erler published works:


Georgia, Cradle of Wine
Wines of Georgia Tasting

Paul & Merrill Bonarrigo published works


Sapervi (Georgia) & Lenoir (Texas) a lot in common
IWINETC Sees World’s First and Most Compehensive Qvevri Museum

Sally Prosser published works:


Amber wines & Georgian cuisine. Match that!
Mystery tour
Georgia – recipes and cookbooks
Georgia – from mountains to monasteries
Georgia – a guide to food and feasting
Georgia – shopping for food in Tbilisi

Aleš Gačnik published works:


Authentic Terroir

Harriet Lembeck published works:


Not the Georgia of Peaches but the Georgia of Wine & Walnuts
Sarajishvili Brandy. Made in Georgia

Daniel Ercsey published works:


Discovering the Kakheti Wine Region after #IWINETC

Allison Markin published works:


IWINETC 2014 Farewell at Signaghi and Pheasant’s Tears
On finding my roots in Georgia
Wine tourism on the other side of the world

Rene Ames published works:


Discovering Tbilisi
Grape Escape to Georgia
Down #IWINETC 14 memory lane 28.03.2014: BAGRATIONI 1882
Down #IWINETC 14 memory lane 28.03.2014: Sarajishvili Brandy
Down #IWINETC 14 memory lane 28.03.2014: to Mtskheta and back…

Sarah May published works:


Antiqua Tours in Tbilisi, Georgia
Georgia: Here Wine Lives
Churchkhela, Puri and Mzhave Niori at the Tbilisi Market
Instagram Web Viewer #IWINETC
#iwinetc Georgia
At the International Wine Tourism Conference in Tbilisi Georgia

Tom Plant published works:


Georgia On My Mind
Skin Contact in Georgia
Georgia – Tbilisi and Beyond

Melba Allen published works:


A Journey in Georgia
Kala Restaurant
Tbilisi Underground Wine Experience

Sarah Abbott (Master of Wine) published works:


Deeper into Georgia: beyond grapes
On Georgia

Meet the authors

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