Participating Agents IWINETC 2016 – 2016 Barcelona, Spain

Participant Country Clients Hoping to meet providers from
The Travel Authority- Texas   USA  FIT  Spain, France, Italy
Kontinent  Ukraine  Groups  Catalunya, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria
Culture Trails  UK FIT & Groups  France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania
Carpediem Association Italy  Groups  Spain, USA, South Africa, Italy
Paladares Travel Netherlands  FIT  Europe, US, Canada, Australia, NZ & South Africa
Rutas del Vino Spain FIT, Groups & MICE All European countries
Sallingresor Sweden Groups Spain, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro
Cultural Tour Consultants USA Groups Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Austria, South Africa
Altour  USA FIT Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Greece
Whole Journeys  USA FIT & Groups Spain, Portugal, Georgia, Uruguay
Royal Travel Malta Groups & Weddings Spain, Italy, Portugal
Pamplemousse  Finland FIT & Groups Spain, Italy, France….
SICI Events  France Groups & MICE All wine producing regions are of interest
Corazon Travel Spain FIT, Groups, MICE Spain,  Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, US, Argentina
Gourmet Reiser  Denmark Groups Spain,  Italy, S. Africa, Australia, NZ
Azure Blue Vacations  USA FIT & Groups Spain, France, Italy, Germany
KonferensBolaget  Sweden Groups & MICE Spain, Georgia, France, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro
CataVino Portugal FIT & Groups Spain & Portugal
Travel Voyages India FIT, Groups, MICE Spain, France , Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Russia , USA , Canada
Quotient TravelPlanner Singapore FIT Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, Georgia
Mēness diena Latvia Groups Spain , Portugal
Arttours Germany Groups & MICE Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, South Africa & Hungary
Into the Vineyard Canada FIT Spain, France, Italy, Portugal
Ambiente K Germany FIT, Groups, MICE Spain & Portugal
TenTours Slovenia FIT & Groups Spain, South Africa, Chille, Argentina, Canada, California, Lebanon, Israel, Moravia (Czech Republic)
Furesman Travel UK FIT & Groups Australia, South Africa, Spain, France & Italy
Allways Marketing & Travel Services India FIT Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Australia & New Zealand.
Wine a’ More travel Agency Hungary FIT & Groups Spain, France & Italy.
Reisebüro Reisetraum Germany FIT, Groups, MICE Catalunya, Spain, Croatia, Georgia, & Chile
Away With Wine UK FIT & Groups Spain, France, Germany, Portugal & Italy
Food & Wine Travel Australia FIT Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain & Portugal
GrapeHops Tours USA Groups Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia & Portugal
Iannazzi Enterprises USA FIT & Groups Spain, France & Italy
McCabe Travel Group – Epicopia Culinary Journeys USA FIT & Groups Spain, Portugal, France, Italy & Croatia
Roux Wine Tours USA FIT & Groups Spain, Italy, France & South America.
Travelquest Tours & Cruises Philippines FIT, Groups, MICE Spain, Italy, France Australia, NZ & South Africa
John Proctor Travel UK FIT & Groups all possible grape escape destinations
Thomas Schilde Sport+Reisen Germany FIT & Groups all possible grape escape destinations within Europe
Real Travel and Events UK MICE Spain France, Italy, Georgia & Hungary
CruiseOne USA FIT & Groups France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Argentina, Chile & South Africa
Power Travel Germany FIT, Groups, MICE Spain, South Africa, Italy, Austria & Georgia
Bottlestop Tours USA FIT Spain, Portugal, South America & South Africa
Alaman Consulting Austria FIT, Groups, MICE, VIP France, Spain, Italy
Institute of American Universities France University Students France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, UK
Raggiungere, Italy Machen-Ritter Travel Group Italy FIT, Groups USA, France, Spain, Canada & Australi
TOO “Global Visa Service” Kazakhstan FIT, Groups, MICE Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, USA
Francotour Russia FIT & MICE Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia
Machen-Ritter Travel Group USA FIT & Groups Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany
Sullivan Travel  USA FIT & Groups Italy, France, Spain
Operation Europe Uk Groups All European countries
Emozioni  Belgium FIT & MICE Spain
Isabeltur Russia  FIT & Group Spain
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